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Digital transformation is changing the real estate industry. New technology is adding value to the customer experience – customers as occupiers and users of buildings and cities.
Key players from across the real estate sector are joining the revolution; they are interacting with the world of technology and looking to forge a common language.
The primary goal of our specially commissioned content from leading experts is to help these real estate players understand and experience how to implement technological innovations in their own business models. It is also about showing them how new technology is reshaping their customers’ needs.

Why real estate and construction can no longer afford to ignore the sustainability agenda

by Angelica Donati

Today, economic development can no longer be considered without taking into account the impact it has on the world around us. We must work to maximize all different facets of sustainability, and cannot afford to underestimate the social and environmental effects of the choices we make.


Real estate B Corps                                                                                                                                                          

by Susan Freeman

To become a B Corp, companies have to go through a granular B Impact Assessment process, which evaluates every aspect of the company, and allows businesses to review where they sit with all their stakeholders, including their employees and their community. It provides a clear and detailed picture of the integrity of the social contract on which they depend.

Cybersecurity Threats to the Real Estate Industry                                               

by Carol Tallon

The value of data and the extractable, usable building insights was more cautiously approached by the industry within the EU given the extensive campaign introducing GDPR legislation and the threat of severely punitive measures for non-compliance


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A series of US-focused webinars with key real estate executives

A four-session monthly webinar program series with experts discussing new challenges the real estate industry is currently facing.

Episode #1 - How Innovation Will Enable the Real Estate of the Future

Episode #2 - Space-as-a-Service: Setting the Right Priorities 

Episode #3 - The Role of Tech and Innovation for Today's Top 

Episode #4 - The Changing Face of Commercial Real Estate 

A series of webinars about innovation and creativity in the real estate industry

The Propel by MIPIM Daily Talks are a webinar series gathering the best of the built environment, based on sharing knowledge and exchanging about the evolution of the Real Estate industry, with key topics such as Data, Investment, Talent, User Experience and Sustainability.

The webinars are a key moment to hear from top executives and innovative thinkers, and are now available online for you to watch.


A exclusive whitepaper in partnership with Schneider Electric

The world of commercial real estate is changing, driven by expectations for greater energy efficiency, a healthier working environment, and a better occupant experience that helps attract and retain tenants. The recent pandemic has revealed new challenges and demands for optimizing building performance during extended periods of low occupancy, and then safely restarting while accommodating new workplace rules.

Past Propel by MIPIM Events

Propel Networking Summit

The first ever Propel Networking Summit brought together innovation experts from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss the future of proptech in an animated online conference.

Conceived as a “kick-off for our major event later this year”, according to Propel by MIPIM DirectorNicolas Kozubek, June’s two day Propel Networking Summit proved a mouthwatering taster for the return of Propel by MIPIM NYC 2021.

Leaders' Perspectives Summit

Leaders working across continents underlined the pronounced effects of the Covid crisis on people globally. Even within this uncertain and complex world, however, if we turn the glass the other way round, the Covid crisis also presents unique opportunities – for the real estate industry, their clients and for wider society.

Each of the 13 leaders who spoke on 16 March 2021 addressed the audience for 30 minutes. Towards the end of each session, a ‘young talent’ was invited to ask a few of their own questions.

Propel by MIPIM - NYC 2020 Post-show report

Propel by MIPIM - NYC 2020 was hosted digitally in December by Reed MIDEM, in partnership with New York-based venture capital firm and accelerator MetaProp.

The online conference gathered more than 2 500 participants and 2 200 companies from all over the world, with more than 60% from the US. With a specific program focused on Israel, the UK, Canada and Japan, these four countries were also highly represented amongst the online visitors.

Download the wrap-up and for the highlights of the event.


Propel by MIPIM - Paris 2020 Post-show report

The third Propel by MIPIM - Paris (previously MIPIM PropTech), held in September in the creative Parisian hub of Le CENTQUATRE, gathered the European tech and real estate industries for 2 days of keynotes and discussions.

If you missed the event, download the wrap-up and find out more about the 5 main topics of the event:
User Experience