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Contributor Series - Your hint of Knowledge

Digital transformation is changing the real estate industry. New technology is adding value to the customer experience – customers as occupiers and users of buildings and cities.
Key players from across the real estate sector are joining the revolution; they are interacting with the world of technology and looking to forge a common language.
The primary goal of our specially commissioned content from leading experts is to help these real estate players understand and experience how to implement technological innovations in their own business models. It is also about showing them how new technology is reshaping their customers’ needs.

Discover the latest articles from our Contributors.

How data and technology improves workplace utilisation

by Yodit Stanton

Today's workforce is rapidly changing with people being more connected than ever before. Employees expect to have a choice of where to work, whether from home or in offices that provide spaces for different types of work modes as standard. Most organisations are adapting work practices such as activity based working but the challenge still remains 'how much space do I need and how do I use the space I have effectively?'.

Connecting the Dots: From Propel to Smart Cities

by Chungha Cha

Data is crucial for the success of both propel & smart cities. But, why?

First of all, kudos to Propel By MIPIM and all the readers for this opportunity to share our research and views on the intersection of propel and smart cities.  We hope that together, we can all become better experts in connecting the dots from propel … to better buildings … to smarter, greener cities.

The high street is dead. Long live the high street

by Faisal Butt

Consumer data paints a gloomy picture for the retail sector, not just in Britain, but across the developed world. Stores are quick to blame e-commerce for the death of bricks-and-mortar stores. But could digital technologies end up saving the high street rather than killing it?
The latest consumer data from the Office for National Statistics makes concerning reading for commercial landlords. Sales fell 0.5% in May, with department stores, often key tenants, suffering a dramatic 4.5% drop in sales. 

Part 5: Ten Takeaways

by Antony Slumbers

In this series of articles, we have been discussing the fundamental changes taking place, in technology, society and the built environment. Often grouped under the heading of ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, they represent an epochal change. Klaus Schwab, who coined the term, says ‘we live in a time of great promise and great peril’, where the digital, biological and physical world is being merged. 
In this final article I’d like to provide 10 takeaways that distill the key trends, drivers, mindsets and opportunities we have worked through.

Invest wisely? Real Estate as a Service: All Change, All

by Antony Slumbers

There is a ‘Trinity of Transformation’ underway, involving massive increases in the data we have available to us, the scale of the computing power at our disposal and significant advances in Artificial Intelligence, especially around the sub-set of Deep Learning. Combined, this Trinity is remodeling how we work, live and play.

Why should we be smart?

by James Morris-Manuel from Matterport

Smart buildings are a key element in the future of the real estate, the physical output of the shift occurring in the sector. Smart buildings are essentially an ecosystem within a physical asset, underpinned by connectivity, whereby different technologies can ‘talk’ to each other in order to respond to various needs.


A force for good - the power of AI

by Louise Ellison from Hammerson

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from research labs to real-world applications.  Harnessing AI's power for energy management of commercial buildings is just one potential benefit. 



Part II - Real Estate as a service: all change, all change

by Antony Slumbers

In Part 2 Antony looks at the changing nature of demand within the real estate industry and concluds that everything boiled down to customers demanding. They are no longer content to simply buy the Product we offer them, but rather demand we deliver to them a Service, a supporting suite of physical and digital features and functionality to help them make the most of the places and spaces where they live their lives.

Using sensors to measure workplace occupancy

by Yodit Stanton

Workplace design and management are moving away from gut feel and anecdotal information to being more data-driven. Site managers are using a combination of occupancy and environmental data to drive conversations around what type of workplaces are best suited to their organization.

Part III - Real Estate as a service: all change, all change

by Antony Slumbers

In this article, we will look at how all of this change will impact on Commercial Office Landlords.

Landlords aren’t what they used to be…..

Real Estate as a service: all change, all change

by Antony Slumbers

In this and four articles to follow, Antony Slumbers will be explaining how the Real Estate industry is changing fundamentally, driven by the changing nature of demand. How new technologies are enabling new behaviors and catalyzing new wants, needs and desires.

The impact of the workplace on the real estate industry

by Paul Unger

Paul Unger journalist from Place tech explores how workplace is much more than just the building where people work and why we have to acknowledge the expanded scope of this role for the Real Estate industry.


A new era of integrated physical infrastructure

by Franco Faraudo

Few imagined that a plucky online bookseller would become the powerhouse that Amazon is today. Fewer still thought that one out of every five American weddings would be for people that met online. And almost no one predicted that a seven-year-old boy would be able to earn $11 million per year by reviewing toys on a YouTube channel.

Data could turn the laggard construction industry into a leader

by Angelica Donati & Chris Stephenson

Angelica Donati and Chris Stephenson bring a unique perspective to Contech.
They call on real estate owners to promote data collection and analysis, which in turn helps reduce project costs, speeds up construction and, ultimately, increases profitability.

Wrap-up Propel sessions at MIPIM 2019

Propel solutions  are  set  to  accompany the real estate world into a   brave   new   future,   revolutionising  long-standing  systems  and  ultimately creating  a  better  human  experience, delegates have heard at MIPIM 2019.

A raft of Propel sessions and expert panels drilled down into a range of themes  -  from  technology  for  construction  and  buildings  management,  right through to innovation in urban planning but one message prevailed: Propel must serve people.

Read all about below

Key ideas from Propel By MIPIM NYC 2018


“For a city that never sleeps, the energy was certainly high as the 3rd edition of Propel By MIPIM - NYC welcomed."

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